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Unlocking the future of tech through games!

Teacher with Pupils

Our goal at LatinXCoders is to introduce kids to programming using games and fun activities!

We are here to make STEM education accessible for minorites.   

We strive to equip the future generation with tools that will enable their

  • Critical thinking

  • Exercise their creativity

  • Break down barriers

Our Approach to Teaching

  • All programs will be starting virtually.

  • We teach using games and fun activities that keep kids engaged.

  • Coders learn a new skill every time and are able to see how they are used in the real world.

  • We are here to create a safe, fun, and learning environment for coders. 

  • Classes will be given by a professional Latina Software Engineer experienced with teaching coding to kids.

Weekend BootCamps

  • Available virtually.

  • Classes may be 1:1 up to 4:1 (Check specific course description for more details).

  • Ongoing classes.
  • In depth coding concepts and mentoring. 
  • Open availability.

Why LatinXCoders

We offer quality personalized, programming classes to kids from a Latina industry expert through a diverse and engaging curriculum.


For low and middle income families we offer financial assistance because we believe that STEM skills should be available to all no matter your financial status. Assistance is available for Weekend BootCamps and One-One classes.

To apply for financial assistance click here

What are parents saying


Maria Beltran
Dallas, TX

I was surprised to see how focused and engaged my nephew was during the LatinXCoders class. The teacher made the class really fun and covered the concept in a way that was simple to follow along. I will definitely have my nephew continue taking more classes and recommend it to any parents who want their children to learn more about coding!

Jorge Loyo
Houston, TX

I think that the intro to Python was structured great with easily to follow tasks and exercises. I am glad we got Matias enrolled and he particularly mentioned he liked the language better than JavaScript. Pretty cool!

Find the LatinXProgram for you

LatinX Mini Gamers

Ages 7-10

Create awesome games while coding!

Specifically created for our youngest coders. This course is for coders who like to exercise their creative side and create games that they can later play, while learning the fundamentals of coding.  

LatinX Jr Coders

Ages 11-17

Calling all new and existing coders!

Our junior coders will be practicing code using Python! Not the snake, but actual programming language to create games and more advanced programs depending on your level of expertise.


LatinX Advanced Coders

Ages 11-17

Dive into the most used coding language!

For those advanced coders who want to know how the biggest applications are made, this is the course for you.

Java takes you on a journey and packs everything you learned from previous concepts and takes it to the next level.

Purple - Blue Gradient



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